Easily structure, measure, and analyze conversations for better learning outcomes

Introducing Democrasoft’s Discussion Management System (“DMS”)

  • Use with any textbook, e-textbook, e-program manual, learning management system, or document.

  • So simple to use – free setup and support.

  • API’s available for additional integration. 

  • Low cost, but big impact.

 The Problem We’re Solving: Learning Management Systems and digital platforms for learning are commonplace. But all have archaic discussion capabilities – course mail, threaded discussions, blogs, etc.

The Solution We’re Offering: Democrasoft’s specialty is to manage discussions from creation to learning outcomes, yielding valuable data and insights for instructors and students alike, so learning outcomes – and course management – improve.

Introducing a new, low-cost service: the Democrasoft Discussion Management System Service. Let us convert your textbook’s discussion questions into any of our powerful DSM types (Debate, Multiple Choice, Vote, Prioritize, and Forum-based) and give your textbook a selling feature that your customers, those busy instructors, will appreciate in this time of increased scrutiny around learning outcomes and research that confirms the importance of peer-to-peer discussions, monitored or directed by the course manager.

Low cost. At just $25 per Discussion, you can add 20 discussion questions to your textbook offering for only $500. And we can turn around most orders in a few days or weeks at most.

And your discussions will be managed from our site at no extra cost, or we can make it easy for your DSM discussions to be integrated into your site or your customers’ sites. (Deep integration through APIs is also available; extra customization costs will apply.)

Just some of the benefits of using the DMS approach:

  • Allows instructors to shape class discussions that are saved, shared, and analyzed.
  • Automatically-generated participation reports help course directors better understand their students and make their teaching more effective.
  • Works equally well with e-books and printed textbooks
  • Saved discussions provide students with evidence of their participation, team problem solving and critical thinking for their portfolios to show prospective employers or program admission officers

This is a new program being spearheaded by education industry veteran Nick Keefe.  For more information or to see a demo fill in this form:

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