Democrasoft’s topic-based Discussion Management System (DMS)

for Educators, Publishers, Developers, Groups & Organizations 

  • Use in any digital environment, including e-books, e-documents, learning management systems, websites, blogs and/or other e-publications. Build plug-ins to popular applications, using our APIs.

  • Easy, intuitive user experience. No manuals required.

  • Award winning technology (Digital Book World, Multiple Edu-tech awards)

  • Licenses available (APIs, Intellectual Property, Master licenses for specific fields of use) 

  • Low cost, big impact in any group or organization.

The Problem We Are Solving: Email and discussion threads are antiquated tools for group discussions and decision-making, bogging the user down in endless “Reply All” emails or disconnected discussion threads that lead nowhere. In education, Learning Management Systems provide everything except a way to have online class discussions that actually engage students.

The Solution We Are Offering: Democrasoft’s specialty is to enable the creation and management of structured, topic-based discussions, leading to measurable outcomes, and yielding valuable data and insights for instructors, students, communities, work teams, citizen groups, organizations, etc. We enable communities to become topic-based, only “as-needed”, freeing up valuable time and resources and simplifying collaboration between colleagues, co-workers, students and other various cohorts.

If you are an educator or education publisher, our technology enables you to convert your textbook’s discussion questions into any of our powerful DSM types (Debate, Multiple Choice, Vote, Prioritize, and Forum-based) and gives your e-textbook a selling feature that educators and students will appreciate in this time of increased scrutiny around learning outcomes (including research that confirms the importance of peer-to-peer collaborative learning).

Just some of the benefits for educators using the DMS approach:

  • Allows instructors to create engaging class discussions that can be saved, shared and analyzed, and which can be accessed “as needed” in course curriculum. No need to maintain yet another platform. Simply provide participants access to any URL-based discussion, whenever appropriate.

  • Automatically-generated participation reports help educators better understand their students and make their teaching more effective.

  • Works equally well with e-books and in conjunction with printed textbooks, providing a URL-based way to assign individual topic-based collaborative assignments and monitor individual student participation from almost anywhere.

  • Saved discussions provide students with evidence of their participation, team problem-solving and critical thinking for their portfolios, to share with prospective employers or program admission officers.

Our unique Global Topic Library offers a world-wide repository of topic-based collaborative discussions on almost any topic, created and uploaded to the library, mostly by educators around the world. Education publishers are also able to upload topic-based collaborative lessons (and optionally charge a small fee per lesson). Topic-based lessons in the Topic Library are available for download and use from virtually anywhere in the world. Clones of the Library and surrounding architecture can be created for any application, community or group, using our APIs.

If you are a publisher, embedding our collaborative discussion capabilities in your ebooks enables readers to connect with each other and with your authors, around topics discussed in the ebooks, at everyone’s convenience, from within the ebooks. These capabilities won “Best New Technology” at the 2013 Digital Book World conference in NYC.

Our Intellectual Property, Code base, APIs and other valuable elements of Democrasoft’s technology are available to qualified Master Licensees in fields that include Education, Productivity, ePublishing and Civic Engagement.

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